Aims & Ethos

Our Aims & Ethos

At Grange Farm Primary School we want you to succeed in all aspects of life.

  • Ÿ feel safe and secure
  • Ÿ feel valued
  • Ÿ enjoy memorable experiences
  • Ÿ share your learning with pride
  • Ÿcelebrate the success of others


  • lead an active lifestyle and eat wellŸ
  • look after yourself Ÿ
  • feel confident Ÿ
  • know when and how to ask for help Ÿ
  • show emotional awareness

Self Esteem

  • Ÿ embrace challenge and new experiences
  • Ÿbe motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious
  • Ÿ demonstrate curiosity
  • Ÿ engage in your own learning
  • Ÿ solve problems and accept setbacks


  • respect other people Ÿ
  • respect your environment Ÿ
  • value the beliefs and ideas of others Ÿ
  • make morally sound choices   Ÿ
  • add to the world you live in Ÿ

Life Skills