Film Poster Competition

Please see below all the information you need if you want to have a go at the Film Poster Competition mentioned in the newsletter.  If you bring back entries (signed by parents) in September we will post them in together.  Thank-you!    

Fortnite Parental Advice

Are your children using Fortnite? Keeping up with the latest information regarding games and apps isn’t always easy but keeping on top of what our children are doing is always a good idea.  Fortnite is extremely popular at the moment but there are some elements to it that parents need to be a

Year 2 Gymnastics

We went to the Tribe Centre to take part in a gymnastic competition.  Lots of schools came and, can you believe it… we came third!  We are very proud of ourselves and we had a lot of fun. We were very nervous because we had to go on the floor first.  Amy confidently went first […]

A Winter Poem

I woke in the morning at first light And was greeted by a sparkly, snowy sight. I went outside to play in the snow, the temperature was zero, my cheeks were aglow But I didn’t mind the freezing, frosty, fun I loved the fact winter had begun I built a snowman, went for a sledge […]

Year 2 at Warwick Castle

Year 2 visited Warwick Castle on Friday 29th September as part of their learning in their Towers, Tunnels and Turrets topic.  The children had a brilliant time and described their experiences in their own words: Introduction We all went to Warwick Castle on Friday.  We all watched the Bowman Show

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day was the inspiration for our assemblies this week.  This is an annual celebration that inspires people across the UK to enjoy, discover and share poems.  This year’s theme for the day was “Freedom”. Mrs Weaver has run a competition for the best acrostic poem t

Vote for Reuben!

Over the summer Reuben in Year 4 entered a drawing competition – to draw the best party – to illustrate one of the months in a calendar that is going to be professionally made and sold to raise money for the worthwhile “Winston’s Wish” charity. As well great to hear abo