Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic

The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to all people in all sorts of ways.

2020 saw the Grange Farm community pulling together brilliantly to provide the safest and most effective possible experience for our children.  As challenging as this experience has been for us all, it has also been a tremendous source of pride to be part of Grange Farm during this time.

In the Autumn term 2020, we welcomed all children back on a full-time basis but from January 2021, a new national lockdown has been put into place.  This means school is now only physically open for the children of key workers (who absolutely need the provision) and also children who meet certain criteria which means they are deemed vulnerable.


Our Parent and Carer Coronavirus Covid-19 handbook explains the rules and guidelines we have in place to reduce the risk of transmission and it must be read by all parents and carers.

Parent and Carer Coronavirus Covid-19 handbook


Since September 2020, all of our children have been back in school and we have been working to a set of Recovery Curriculum principles to help guide their social and academic learning throughout this year and beyond.  Details of this are available here:

Recovery Curriculum


During this period where many children are at home, schools and parents have a responsibility to work together to ensure that they can continue to have access to purposeful and effective learning.  Our Remote Education Offer explains our approach to this.

Remote Education Offer


Our Remote Education Offer is focussed on the use of Google Classroom.  This guide will support children (and families) in using this effectively:

Google Classroom Guide


In the Summer of 2020, the government announced funding to support schools in helping children to catch-up on learning that was missed due to the impact on education that the Coronavirus Covid-19 virus caused during Spring and Summer 2020.  Our approach to the use of the Catch-Up Premium, updated in the context of the national lockdown starting from January 2021, is available here:

Catch-Up Premium


All schools have a legal duty to keep their staff and children safe and during these extraordinary times we have a comprehensive operational risk assessment in place, based on guidance from Coventry Local Authority.  This working document is regularly reviewed and updated:

COVID-19 Operational Risk Assessment