Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic

The year 2020 has seen the whole world dealing with the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic – this has brought unprecedented challenges to all people in all sorts of ways.

The Spring and Summer terms saw the Grange Farm community pulling together brilliantly to provide the safest and most effective possible experience for our children.  As challenging as this experience has been for us all, it has also been a tremendous source of pride to be part of Grange Farm during this time.

From September 2020 we have welcomed all children back on a full-time basis.  In order to do so we have comprehensive plans in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection as much as possible.

This includes our Parent and Carer Coronavirus Covid-19 handbook which all parents and carers must read.  We will be updating this regularly and the most recent version will always be available to view here on this page:

Parent and Carer Coronavirus Covid-19 handbook