Pupil Action Groups

Pupil Action Groups

At Grange Farm we want the views of our children to have a platform which builds confidence, independence, support for others and organisation skills. On this platform there are a number of groups that are pupil led and driven and feed directly into school initiatives and planning.

School Council

The amazing, fantastic, helpful, biscuit-eating group that helps make the school a better place.

We support charities, improve the school, order equipment, let the pupils opinions be heard and all in all, make the school AMAZING!!

Eco Squad

We meet regularly to discuss things to do with the environment and how Grange Farm School can help with the environment.

We devise eco-friendly activities throughout the year.

News Group

WHAT DO WE DO?newsgroup

News group is a team of students who work exceptionally hard to produce articles for children at Grange Farm Primary School. Every term we put together a child-friendly newspaper which everyone will enjoy.


In the newspaper we write about all the latest news in our school with topics ranging from sports, achievements, music and interviews with staff and children. We will make the newspaper bright and attractive so it stands out and is different from ordinary newspapers.

Food Focus Group

Hello.  We are Food Focus, one of Grange Farm’s Action Groups.

Our aim is to raise awareness about healthy eating and lifestyle and within the team we have our own individual goals:

We have recently conducted a survey to find out if pupils and parents at Grange Farm would like a healthy tuck shop and the result was, YES!  Watch this space.

We will soon be tidying up the kitchen garden and planting spring flowers and seeds for our summer crop.

Bike User Group

What do we do?

We work exceptionally hard to get people to ride their bike a lot more and encourage them to be more fit and healthy.

What do we want to achieve?

This year we want to achieve the Silver Cog. Next years Year 6 will want to achieve the Gold Cog.

What challenges will we set?

We will set various challenges like dress up your bike or a bike obstacle course, with last years host Andy.

How confident are we?

We are really confident and we are hoping we might even achieve the Gold Cog this year! In fact we want to be better then every other school.

Do the B.U.G group ride their bikes?

We try and ride our bikes to school and back every day. That is what inspired us to start the Bike User Group the majority of members being in Year 6.

What is the Cog?

The Cog is a special prize in the shape of a gear and it is given to the school that has ridden their bikes the most. That is why we want you to ride your bikes but mostly it is to keep you fit and healthy.

FINALLY …. BIKES!!!!!!!!

There are different types of bikes for example:

BMX bikes BMX bikes are made for stunts and they are lightweight.
Mountain bikes Mountain bikes are fairly heavy and they are made for basic cycling.

Play Leaders

Play Leaders are older pupils who support playtime activities for younger children.

Pupils below are used on a rota basis.