Pastoral Care and Discipline

A summary of some of the significant points in the document is included in the extract below.

Behaviour Policy – Key Principles

All children have the right to develop their potential and be safe and happy. Our Golden Rules are essential for maintaining these rights.   For their rights to be maintained therefore all children have to take on the responsibility of following our Golden Rules.

If children break the Golden Rules they must understand that they have chosen to do this and therefore must accept the consequences of their actions.

We want to enable children to see that improving poor behaviour is their responsibility and will eventually come from within them rather than be imposed from someone else.

All those children who follow our Golden Rules will be recognised. Examples of such good behaviour will be praised in class. Achievement Stickers will be awarded on a weekly basis to all children who have followed the Golden Rules. Children will therefore share their achievement with the Headteacher and Certificates will be awarded during Achievement Assemblies.

Copies of our Golden Rules will be displayed in classrooms and other appropriate areas of the school. All members of staff involved in caring for children within school will be aware of our Golden Rules and this Behaviour Policy and are responsible for its application. Copies of this Behaviour Policy will be kept in each classroom.

Children must be secure in the knowledge that the Behaviour Policy will be consistently followed and fairly applied.

All instances of poor behaviour should be accompanied by a clear warning of the consequences of continued poor performance.

Whole classes or groups should never be punished for the conduct of the individual.

When appropriate, incidents of poor behaviour will be thoroughly investigated before any aspect of this Behaviour Policy is applied.

The pastoral care of the children is initially the responsibility of the Class Teacher, but shared by all staff members working in school.   Children’s personal and social development is as important as their academic development.  It is important that children are well motivated, have senses of self-responsibility, consideration for others and a respect for property.  To achieve this, children are given responsibility and are expected to contribute to daily classroom and school routines.  They need to be given opportunities where they can learn to participate in co-operative tasks, where they can use their initiative and where they can be involved in decision-making processes.

Praise also maintains positive attitudes within the school community.   It can be formal or informal, given to individuals or groups, earned for maintenance of good standards or achievements of note.  Praise and rewards should motivate and reinforce the community, giving its members a sense of value.

Our Golden Rules

  • Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
  • Welcome people to our school and look after those who need our help.
  • Give full attention when others are speaking.
  • Take care of everything you use in school.
  • Look after our school and grounds.
  • Try your hardest in everything you do.

If children do misbehave, staff will follow a common and consistent approach, so those children clearly know what will happen if they behave in an unacceptable manner that interferes with the daily learning or pastoral activities of the class.  In more serious or persistent cases the Headteacher will be involved and a number of sanctions can be used, for example loss of privileges or the loss of personal time in order to complete work.  We believe that parents should be informed early in the event of poor behaviour and are kept notified.  If poor behaviour persists, parents will be consulted and involved in the programme to improve poor performance or behaviour.

As well as seeking the support of parents, a further option may be to consult with external agencies, such as the School Psychological Service.  If these measures should prove ineffective, exclusion could be considered.

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