Accelerated Reader

We use “Accelerated Reader” school to support children in developing as readers.  This is a web-based system that enables children to identify books that give them an appropriate level of challenge after they have extended beyond our banded book system (usually as they are entering Key Stage 2). 

Accelerated Reader Introductory Guide

Children read at home as normal but on completing each book they complete a short quiz back in school which demonstrates their understanding of the book.  Every now and again they will take an online comprehension test in school which, added to their ongoing quizzing, can change the level of book they are encouraged to read.

You can view what your child has been reading and how well they have been doing by following this link which will take you to our school’s “Home Connect” login page for Accelerated Reader.  Your class teachers will have sent home the username and password – if you need this again, please let us know.

This link will give you information about how “Home Connect” works.

For more information on how Accelerated Reader works in general please read the GF Introductory Guide October 2018.  If you have any questions, please do ask us.