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Governor News

Governor News

New Parent Governor

Mrs Neelam Saihjpal has been appointed as a new parent governor


  1. The name of the school is Grange Farm Primary School.
  2. The school is a Community School.
  3. The  name of the governing body is   ‘The Governing Body of Grange Farm Primary School’.
  4. The governing body shall consist of:

(a) five parent governors
(b) one LA  governor
(c) one staff governor
(d) the Headteacher and
(e) Six Co-opted Governors

  1. Total number of governors will be fourteen (except at any time when the headteacher has given notice as above that he/she chooses not to be a governor, when the total number of governors will be thirteen).
  2. The term of office of all categories of governor shall be 4 years.
  3. This instrument was made by order of Coventry City Council as the Local Authority in accordance with the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012 as amended, on the third day of March two thousand and fifteen (3 March 2015).
  4. This Instrument of Government shall come into effect on the nineteenth day of March two thousand and fifteen (19 March 2015)
  5.  A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the Headteacher if not a governor).

Governor Visits

Governor Membership

Governors are appointed for a four year period.

Parent Governors

Name Date Appointed Appointed By Date Declaration of Business Interests Signed Other Governor Responsibilities
Mrs Victoria Hastie 21.06.18 Parents Futures Trust
Mrs Sandeep Bhagwan 21.11.19 Parents
Mr Manjit Singh 23.6.21 Parents
Mrs Alice Scannell 02.11.21 Parents
Mr Anthony Alonzi 19.11.19 Parents Governor Rugby High School

LA Governor (Council Appointed)

Cllr Tim Sawdon 31.8.20 LA & Governing Board

Co-opted Governors

Mr Colin Marscheider (Chair) 18.3.19 Governing Body 6.10.21 Governor at Howes Primary School
Cllr John Blundell 18.3.19 Governing Body Governor at Finham Park Academy
Ms Shelagh Rixon 19.3.19 Governing Body Governor at Stanton Bridge Primary School
Mrs Lynne Jeffs 18.11.19 Governing Board
Mr Pete James 18.11.19 Governing Body Governor at St Peter & St Paul RC Primary School

Teacher Governor

Mrs Claire Dismorr 15.11.19 All Staff


Mr Martin Ledgard 4.1.16 25.11.20 Governor at Thomas Jolyffe Primary School, Stratford-upon-Avon

Governors who have stepped down but have served in the last 12 months

Name Date Date Stepped Down
Mrs Holly Lawton July 21
Mrs Kirandeep Khatkar December 21

Governor Committees

Resource Management

This committee covers Premises, Finance, Personnel, Marketing and Health & Safety and members are:

Neelam Saihjpal (Chair) Matthew Walters Tim Sawdon
John Blundell Colin Marscheider Peter James
Claire Dismorr (Notes) Manjit Singh

Additionally, 3 governors to be selected from the members above, as and when required, excluding the Headteacher, to consider Staff Dismissal, Grievances, Health Reviews and Pupil Discipline hearings.

Sub group of RM covers all Health & Safety issues within the school:
Martin Ledgard, Tim Sawdon and Steve Ell

Quality & Standards

This committee covers Special needs, Target setting, Curriculum, SIP and Standards & Data and members are:

Colin Marscheider (Chair) Matthew Walters Sandeep Bhagwan
Lynne Jeffs Pete James Shelagh Rixon
Anthony Alonzi Jordan Sargent (Notes)

Additionally, 3 governors to be selected from the members above, as and when required, excluding the Headteacher to consider Staff Dismissal, Grievances, TLR Appeals, and Pupil Discipline appeals.

The quorum for Committees to be 3 members

Newly appointed governors attend meetings of both committees to enable them to see which ones would be most suitable to join.

Governor Responsibilities

Performance Management/Pay Committee: Colin Marscheider, Sandeep Bhagwan and Pete James
Performance Management Review Officer: Tim Sawdon
Link Governor: Colin Marscheider
SEN Governor: Peter James and Sandeep Bhagwan
More Able and Gifted and Talented Governor: John Blundell
Numeracy Governor: Anthony Alonzi
Literacy Governor: Shelagh Rixon
Looked After Children: Colin Marscheider
Child Protection Governor: Colin Marscheider
Governors’ Web Pages: Colin Marscheider
Safer Recruitment Governors: Shelagh Rixon, Lynne Jeffs & Colin Marscheider
Equal Opportunities Governor: Manjit Singh
Relationship, and Sex Education Governor: Colin Marscheider
Prevent Governor: Anthony Alonzi
Pupil Premium Governor: Pete James
Health & Safety Governor: Tim Sawdon
UK GDPR: Colin Marscheider
Pupil Voice: Peter James
Well-being: Peter James
Curriculum Development: Alice Scannell and Sandeep Bhagwan
Science: John Blundell
Professional Development: Colin Marscheider
EYFS: Lynne Jeffs

Governors’ Allowances


At Grange Farm Primary School, we are dedicated to good practice and ensuring equality through school processes.

The School Governance Regulations (2013) allow governing bodies of maintained schools, who have a delegated budget, to decide whether they wish to pay expenses to governors and associate members of the governing body, in order to reimburse any expenses they have incurred when serving as a governor.

This policy has been created with the aim of ensuring that all governors, and non-governors who are members of the governing body, receive reimbursements for an expenses where the school has derived benefit from the individual serving their governing duty.

The school believes that enabling governors to fulfil their roles, regardless of circumstances, is important in ensuring equality for all governing members of our community and is, therefore, an appropriate use of our annual budget.

Below is our policy.

Governors’ Allowances Policy

Register of Meeting Attendance

Below is the register of attendance at meetings by Governors.

Full Governing Body Meeting


Main Meeting 18/03/2020 Main Meeting 08/07/2021 Main Meeting 26/11/2021
Blundell, John
Scannell, Alice N/A N/A
Alonzi, Anthony
James, Peter
Jeffs, Lynne
Ledgard, Martin
Marscheider, Colin
Dismorr, Claire
Rixon, Shelagh
Sawdon, Tim Apologies Apologies
Bhagwan, Sandeep Apologies
Hastie, Victoria Apologies
Manjit Singh N/A
Neelam Saihjpal N/A N/A N/A


Quality & Standards Meeting

Q&S Meeting 04/11/2020 Q&S Meeting 03/03/2021 Q&S Meeting 28/04/2021 Q&S Meeting 30/06/2021 Q&S Meeting 17/11/2020 Q&S Meeting 12/01/2022
Alonzo, Anthony
James, Peter
Jeffs, Lynne Apologies Apologies Apologies
Bhagwan, Sandeep Apologies
Ledgard, Martin
Marscheider, Colin
Rixon, Shelagh
Scannell, Alice N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
 Saihjpal, Neelam N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Resources Management Meeting


RM Meeting 24/02/2021 RM Meeting 16/06/2021 RM Meeting 03/11/2021
Hastie, Victoria Apologies
Blundell, John Apologies
Ledgard, Martin
Marscheider, Colin Apologies
Sawdon, Tim Apologies
James, Peter
Dismorr, Claire
Singh, Manjit N/A N/A
Scannell, Alice N/A N/A N/A
Saihjpal, Neelam N/A N/A N/A

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Copies of governor documents can be accessed via this portal.


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