Parent Handbook – G

The term “Gifted and Talented” can mean different things in different schools.

Our definition refers to children who are working, for a significant proportion of time, on content above that of their chronological age group.

Children who are within this group require significant differentiation to ensure sufficient challenge and teachers work hard at this to ensure that they are challenged appropriately in all lessons as well as being directed to specific opportunities (e.g. particular workshops, clubs and events) that become available.

We maintain a school register of children who meet our definition of “Gifted and Talented” to ensure we can track their progress and helping them to maximise their potential.

You will know if we would consider your child as gifted and talented through parents’ consultations and end of year reports. For more information, also see “More Able” which is a linked but differently defined group of children within school.

The Governing Body at Grange Farm Primary School is a group of volunteers who challenge and support the head teacher and other school staff in providing the best possible education for all children who attend the school.

They attend regular formal meetings and also conduct visits into school to help further their understanding of how school works and to make contributions to the school’s ongoing development.

You can find out more about the governors and the work they do on their dedicated page on this website.

The teaching of English grammar is a key part of the national curriculum for children now in a way that it was not for many of their parents.

They are taught to know and use technical vocabulary to describe a wide range of structures and features of English language. Part of this learning is assessed on dedicated assessments to check their understanding (especially at the end of Key Stage 2) but, more importantly, this knowledge also enables them to become better writers themselves, understanding how to edit and manipulate their work to help it to make sense and to have a greater impact on the reader.

Keeping up with your children’s learning in grammar can be tricky! You can find information about what they are learning (and what it means) in the “How do I Help My Child” section of the website and also the “Learning” page for their year group.

We talk a lot about Growth Mindset in school. This refers to the children’s ability to approach their learning (all learning – curriculum and social) in an open-minded, positive way.

Probably the best way of summing this up is that we never say “I can’t do that,” but instead will say “I can’t do that yet.”

For more information click here to see a page dedicated to Growth Mindset in the “How do I help my child?” section of our website.

Every child in school from Year 1 and above will read with a teacher at least once a week as part of a group of children of a similar ability. Sometimes children will do this more than once a week (e.g. with a teaching assistant).

For younger children much of the focus of this is on developing their decoding ability which is their ability to read and understand words and sentences (often combining with their developing knowledge of phonics).

The older the children get, the more the focus of Guided Reading gets put onto children’s comprehension of the text, understanding and explaining the organisation and layers of meaning involved. You can find information about how we teach reading and how you can support this at home in the “How do I Help My Child” section of the website and also the “Learning” page for your child’s year group.

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