Parent Handbook – N

The National Curriculum sets out the statutory expectations of what we teach children in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) and the expectations they should attain by the end of these key stages.

This covers English, Maths, Science, Computing, Geography, History, Art, Design & Technology, Physical Education, Music and Modern Foreign Languages.

Religious Education is not contained with the National Curriculum (but is decided on by the local Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education). Personal, Social and Health Education is also not contained within the National Curriculum.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is set out in separate documentation. This and the National Curriculum itself is a publicly available document available online. For more information on how we deliver the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, please see the appropriate year group page within the “Learning” section of our website.

Our school is situated in a residential area and we always do our best to maintain strong and positive relationships with our neighbours.

We ask everyone who attends and visits the school to be respectful of those who live nearby, especially when it comes to driving and parking safely. Dangerous and inconsiderate actions of a few people reflect unfairly on the whole school community.

Our weekly newsletter is a key document in terms of communication and celebration.

You can ask for it to be emailed to you (if it is not already) or find it at the end of every week on the Newsletter page on the website.

Occasionally we will have a non-uniform day in school, usually to raise funds or donations for a charity event.

Non-uniform days will sometimes be entirely free choice or sometimes have a theme (e.g. wearing nightwear). We will communicate in plenty of time prior to an event what we are doing and what we are asking for in terms of fitting to a theme but, please be assured, the spirit of such days is about raising money and we will not be judging what every child is wearing in fine detail.

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