Parent Handbook – V

At Grange Farm Primary School we want you to succeed in all aspects of life.

Be happy:

  • Feel safe and secure
  • Feel valued
  • Enjoy memorable experiences
  • Share your learning with pride
  • Celebrate the success of others

Be healthy:

  • Lead an active lifestyle and eat well
  • Look after yourself
  • Feel confident
  • Know when and how to ask for help
  • Show emotional awareness

Be Independent:

  • Embrace challenge and new experiences
  • Be motivated, enthusiastic and ambitious
  • Demonstrate curiosity
  • Engage in your own learning
  • Solve problems and accept setbacks

Be responsible:

  • Respect other people
  • Respect your environment
  • Value the beliefs and ideas of others
  • Make morally sound choices

Add to the world you live in.

We welcome volunteers who want to come and add to the learning and experience of our children at Grange Farm.

We have a wide range of volunteers from different places who come and make a difference on a regular basis. This includes volunteers who run clubs (e.g. University of Warwick student volunteers who run chess and maths clubs), volunteers who read with children and volunteers who support some work in the classroom as part of their own continuing learning in further education. We also benefit from less regular volunteering to support special events such as trips and visits.

Any volunteer who is going to conduct regulated activity (essentially someone who may be left in sole charge of children during their time at school) has to complete relevant safeguarding checks (including DBS checks) before taking on these duties with us and they will also complete an induction with our Deputy Headteacher covering key responsibilities associated with working in a school environment (e.g. confidentiality, safeguarding).

If you are interested in volunteering at Grange Farm, we would be happy to hear from you for a conversation. Please contact the school office in the first instance and they will help to organise an initial conversation with our Deputy Headteacher.

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