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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

At Grange Farm, we know that when children feel safe, comfortable, happy and engaged they can make the most of their potential.

As well as having a very open culture in terms of listening to children, we also have plenty of opportunities set up for children to feedback their views and ideas and to get involved in making their school an even better environment for learning and enjoyment.


School Council

Every year, classes elect representatives to form our School Council. Within the School Council, a chairperson, treasurer and secretary are then elected to ensure that meetings run purposefully throughout the year.

Our School Council is an example of democracy in action at Grange Farm and a way of educating all of the children about this key value. To see this operating in practice, we have to make sure that the School Council’s work has real results and is not just an empty gesture.

Before Covid-19, the School Council played an active role in:

• Forging links with the school council at Sherbourne Fields School (SEND school)
• Driving forward Grange Farm’s approach to working in an environmentally friendly way
• Identifying charity ideas and events for the whole school
• Generating ideas for road safety strategy
• Organising the annual “Grange Farm’s Got Talent” show
• Meeting with members of the Coventry Youth Council


We are now seeing them making a developing impression back on the school community and looking forward to seeing more memorable impacts in the months and years ahead!

Play Leaders

Every year a group of volunteers attend after-school training to take on the role of a lunchtime play leader.

This is a role that requires a considerable amount of commitment, resilience and responsibility, both in the time needed to complete the training and then carrying out the role itself.

Play leaders run activities for younger children during lunch-breaks and learn a lot about communication, organisation, patience and dedication. They also play a key role in developing new ideas about activities that we can run to make our lunch-times more fun and active for all.

Roles and Responsibilities

Children from across school take on different roles and responsibilities throughout the year that help to make Grange Farm run smoothly. Within the past year, this has included roles such as:

• Junior librarian
• Breaktime bell monitor
• Register monitors
• Milk monitors
• Year 5 being “buddies” to Reception children
• iPad monitors
• Assembly audio-visual team

As well as really enjoying taking on these roles, the children learn a lot from them and it is often the children themselves who come up with better ways of doing things!

Children’s Views

We like to invite governors  into school and talk to children of varying ages about a wide range of topics. These have included:

• Reading
• Maths
• Safeguarding
• Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education
• Aspirations and Ambitions
• Lunchtimes

Governors start off with a suggested list of questions but often let children’s ideas take them into other interesting areas. We find the information we get back invaluable – the children’s honest views are frequently positive but they also give us great ideas for how we need to improve.

Green Team

The school has a long standing tradition of being as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Green Team have many plans and ideas to further develop our understanding of how we can be a community that is eco-friendly.  A great many crisp packets have already been collected for recycling and many more projects are on the way!

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